Guilford Campus Song

This old song, sung by students in the early days of the 20th Century, seems to have been a campus favorite and may have functioned as an early "Alma Mater" song. Again, this one seems to live only in print.

The Guilford Campus Song

When the shades of evening gather,
Guilford students hied.
To the soft green-swarded campus,
For a time our books laid by.
And the parting rifts of sunlight,
As they linger soft and long.
Shed a hal-low'd gleam of gladness,
On our merriment and song.

Now the songs of dear Old Guilford,
Peal across the downy green.
From Archdale to Memorial,
Span the distance far between;
And the walls of dear old Founders,
The reverberations fling.
From Cox Hall to New Garden,
As our voices gaily ring.

Then across to fair Arcadia,
The chimings wing their flight.
Till across the the far-flung hill-tops,
They kiss heaven's dame of light;
Then as if they rued their boldness,
Back they come in echos gay,
And thus end the winged praises,
Of the Crimson and the Gray.

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