Guilford College "Yell"

The "Guilford College Yell" dates from 1892, coinciding with the formation of the football program. It's a nonsensical, interesting tongue-twister and one can imagine a sweater-clad group of cheerleaders roaming the sidelines with megaphones, urging students and spectators to chime in. The old "yell" is definitely not part of the current cheerleading squad's repertoire. (Some modern cheers use the last stanza, spelling out the school name, followed by three final shouts of "Guilford!")

Cheerleaders, circa 1927. Photo by Guilford College.

Guilford Yell

Hory, gory, allegory,

Rah! rah! rah!
Quack! quack! quack!
Who are we? Guilford!

Cheerleaders, circa 1935. Photo courtesy of Guilford College.
Rah! Rah! Quaker!
G.C. Taker!
Quaker! Taker!
Quaker! Taker!
Whoo-rah! Whoo-rah!
Quaker! Taker!
Thee, Thou, Rah!

Boom la yo!
Boom la yo!
Guilford! Guilford!
Ho! ho! ho!

Scitie-wow-wow! wow-wow!

Guilford! Guilford! Guilford!

There's also a shorter version of the "yell," which was less of a mouth-full and easier to remember...and get others to join in.

Cheerleaders, circa 1937. Photo by Guilford College.
(*) They're the men!
They're the men!
Who make a touchdown 
now and then!

Polly-go wax, 
go wax, go wax, 
Polly-go wax, 
go wax, go wee!
Rah, Rah, Rah,
Quack! Quack! Quack!

                                  Who are we?
                                       Who are we?

(* From the Guilford Yells 1895-1896, courtesy of Guilford College.)

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