"Seniors of Old G.C." Song

Another one from the annals of the past, in particular, The Quaker annual of 1914. I have no idea how long it was around or when it vanished from memory, but here's another cool old Guilford song that appears to have been popular in the past...at least with the senior class.

The Guilford College class of 1892. Photo courtesy of Guilford College.

Seniors of Old G.C.

We've been here for a time together,
We seniors of old G.C.
Through bright and rainy weather,
Four years at old G.C.

We've laughed and played together,
We seniors of old G.C.
We've bowed our heads together,
Many times at old G.C.

We've felt the sting of defeat,
We seniors of old G.C.
Our hearts with triumph have beat,
A few times at old G.C.

We're bidding you farewell forever,
School days of old G.C.
May the golden ties ne're sever,
Which bind our hearts to thee.

As we leave you all together,
Dear days at old G.C.
We drink to your health forever,
Memories of dear G.C.

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